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Ringo and the yogi by Prasun Roy

Book Review :Ringo and the Yogi @prasun.author.2018

@srishtipub Pages:175This review is written by my son @read.books.dhruvin and I just repost it. So let me know how’s it!!!📌I read this book in just two days,this book comes for my mum to read but she busy with other book so I pick and tell her story everytime when i finish a chapter, we both are competing through out who finished first luckily we both finish at same time.Now about the book it is full of courage, bravery and adventure.i really love the storyline sometimes very emotional and sometimes very adventurous.Way of storytelling is very good and intresting it keep my interest intact throughout the book. Story is about a Boy Ringo he gone for trekking with a group of friends to joshimath and his sir Ravi instructed through out.where he met yogi Shambhu he told him lot of stories and said I lived here.then there is cloud burst and flood is all over the area, Shambhu helped Ringo to reach Army camp for help.You have to read this book to know how Ringo reach Army camp after so much rain, how they will survive, if army rescued all children or not. I loved all the characters specially Ringo who inspires me a lot.cover is bit distracting it could be more better and illustration of book is also good but could be better. I am looking forward to read more from you @prasun.author.2018 .My Rating :4.5⭐#book #kidsbook #smareview #read #mommyread #blog #kidsblog #bookstore #authorsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #r

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