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Love story By Deesha Sangani

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How are you doing? A Love Story By Destiny @deeshasangani @srishtipub Q:Recommend me any Book series? As talking to love story I’m always fan of them and even in real life I also wanted that every love story has to be complete if it’s true. So this love story belongs to Avanni who believes in destiny and miracles and believe in love. So one day she met Kiran Kapoor aka Kk and their love story begins slowly and steadily but KK gone through an accident in Dehradun which just put Avanni’s life upside down. So you have to read to know what will happen after that. I really like the first part but in second part story get scattered,it just like Bollywood movies where person with same name appears suddenly and fall in love so I really don’t like much because if Avanni’s character is that much strong and independent girl then why sudden another love and all.ending of the story is also stunned me. Language kept by author is simple and lucid.Book cover is intresting and beautiful tooIt’s a light read and I finished in one go. Thanks @sma_reviews For review copy #readerslife #review #booksbooksbooks #bookstoread #bookshimmy #girlsbookstagram #reader #shelfie #tuesday #lovestories #bollywood #unitedbookstagram #blog #womensfashion #painting #bookreview #freelancer #bookphoto #bookstagramfeature

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