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Jasmine days By Benyamin

Jasmine Days by Benyamin

I heard lot about this book and so i bought this from world book fair @juggernaut.in .I m in love with this cover and feel of the book is so awesome that i cant resist to post ❤❤❤🙈💓 Blurb:Sameera parvin moves to an unnamed middle eastern city to live with her father and relatives.she thrives in her job as a radio jockey and home she is the darling of the family.Jasmin days is the heart rending story of a young woman in a city where promise of revolution turns into destruction and divison.Please share your views if u read it.#bookworm#books #bookstoread #booklovers #bookstagram #unitedbookstagram #bibliophile #bookstoread #bookaholic #juggernaut #betterreadschallenge #jcbprizeforliterature

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