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I think I am in love By Devanshi Sharma

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Q:Do u believe in astrology/moon sign /sun sign/numerology?are these really affect a relationship or behavior? Book Review : I think I am in love @author.devanshi @srishtipub 💞I can surely say that Devanshi has a long way to go, her writing is just fabulous and grows by the time I read ‘No Matter what I do ‘ and after reading this i can surely say that. 💞Devanshi did a magic in this book by just taking two characters and she wrote 193 pages long book ,neither I am feeling bored at any point of time nor i felt story dragged or something,so it’s a overall wonderful read, at most of the time I connect with the story because I am cancerian and my hubby is Sagittarius so I feel like some scenes are just related to my love story.i really want to know your connection with astrology you described very well. 💞This story is  about Meera a bubbly,Talktative and a confident girl who is  well known Fashion Blogger with lot of fan following and Ishaan an engineer a silent guy,both worked for same company and accidentally meet at ice skating rink and here is story begin with their friendship.💞Story is full of emotions and a roller coaster ride of relationship.i really love with Meera character and like the narration because it is USP of this book because each scene is written so beautifully that you will feel the warmth of emotions. I recommended this book to everyone  very simple and sweet read and read to know is Ishaan accepted his love for Meera or not. Or it

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