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GUTS By Raina Telgemeier

Guts By Raina Telgemeier @scholasticindia

@rainatelgemeier Children book is always a delight to read though I never read #smile series but my son read them and always told me stories so I’m much aware of these books so when this books comes to me then I’m very excited to read it. Story of a girl named Raina who is bit fussy about food and always thinks that if she eat this or that then she will puke,she is always surrounded with her family,little sister and brother so she needs space.she’s always imagine things like her classmates teasing her or stop talking to her when they got to know that she is going for mind therapy.But at the end how things turned out for her that you read this book to know .

😝it’s a Graphical novel and all graphics are awesome.it attracts kids to read.

😛it’s an easy read so anyone can read it. 😝Book is funny, witty and have a moral for kids.it teaches about friendship and family values.

😛highly recommend for kids 8+ years#kidsb

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