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Divyastra By Nimish Tanna

What an Amalgamation between today’s era and ancient time.

🏅Yes i am talking about Divyastra by Nimish Tanna @nimish_tanna 🏅Its an awesome and entertaining read it took you to the age of Ramayana and then lended up in an intresting story of love,sex and betrayl in recent time stories.🏅Awesome cover gives you hint of what inside a book.But it stores a super intresting story so i finish in less then 24 hours time and it keep me hooked till end.end of the story is very intresting.🏅There you need to know lot more about how science related with our ved,grantha and all mythological stories.How Ravan at that time use planes to fly from one place to another.🏅Content:story of a boy Shankar 27 year old doing job in bangalore away from his family,one day he got a call from grandpa that his father Meghnad jain met with an accident,then he visit his village gopalpur and his grandpa tells him a story which makes his life takes a turn….@nimish_tanna 🏅awesome read Recommended to everyoneRating:⭐️4.25/5⭐️

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