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Black Hole Oblivion by Kumar L

Black hole 🕳 :Oblivion

One Ship. One Crew. No Escape @kumarlauthor . 🚀Q:ISRO or NASA 🚀This book is third in series of Earth to Centauri and now I say that I started loving more sci fi novel. This is my second book of Kumar L and what a brilliant start of this book and wait but story takes a sharp turn in between and now we have to wait more for fourth book .but it didn’t mean that this book is not intresting it is way more entertaining and woah what a theory of black hole which reminded me of Stephen king. 🚀I was surprised by the depth knowledge of author in science, physics ,black hole, universe, zero space, gravity ,Singularity and lot more. 🚀Language is not so simple but understandable some science related vocabulary you can search for. 🚀I like the character of Captain Anara, strong minded, dedicated and devoted which comes out more beautifully in this book. 🚀Content :As some aliens attacked in Mumbai because Anara takes three human to earth from her last trip to centuri. Now they have to fight back and have to take revenge so alien again don’t try to attack on earth. 🚀Antriksh their spaceship is ready to go on next trip with Anara, Rayn and Maneesha and 100more crew members in which more are soldiers who will be trained to fight in space with Aliens. 🚀But in their journey Antariksh stuck in a black hole and this is first time that any human ship face this, and they don’t know what to do their all theories came to an end and Anara declared we are going to

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