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Bhaunari by Anukrti Upadhyay

Q:Any female role model which are you always look up to?

Book Review : Bhaunri @anukrti_u @harpercollinsin As Book cover is awesome and it gives you hint that book based on a girl named Bhaunri and a villege story of Rajasthan.Cover is beautiful and catchy too. I finished this book on Wednesday but I took time to post my review so that I have to gather my thoughts what should I write or not. Story is heartbreaking and it depicted true reality of child marriages, education and women condition in some villages. It is a harsh reality of our society and there are some moment in book that I just put down and close the book like what is written here is this true or is this really happening? But Bhaunri character is just beautiful, brave, full of courage , heart full with love and always ready to answer any question,she has a sharp tongue though. Her character is full of different shades sometimes she is a daughter in law who always her mother in law, sometimes she is like goddess Kaali who killed anyone who comes between her and her husband.. So all in all it just shake me, shook me and shocked me. Highly recommended Thanks @harpercollinsin For book#review#villagelife #rajasthan #reading #reader #bookshelves #bookaddicts #bookishfeatures #bookobssesed #bookstagrammer #picoftheday #pictures #library #libraries #love #lovehasnorules #unitedbookstagram #igreads #culturetripbooks #culture #childmarriage

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