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Beast By Krishna Udayashankar

Q:which is your favourite story of God that you heard in your childhood?

A. I have so many but story of Prahlad and lord Krishna’s are my favorite.

Book Review :Beast @krishnaudayasankar @penguinindia

🦁Beast as name and cover tells a lot about this book both are perfect and cover is awesome.

🦁This title intrigues me to read this book it looks like an crime thriller but it is way beyond that. I like how Krishna Udayashankar moulds story with mythology ,lot of facts described through mythology. The story of Narsimha and Prahlad gives an intresting twist to the story. 🦁This story has lot of emotions in between a murder mystery there is love story, betrayal and friendship too. Each thing is written so beautifully that it can keep you hooked till the end. Krishna writing style is crisp and up to the point, there is no point of time like I thought of story was streched or something. 🦁Storyline:ACP Aditi Kashyap is called upon to solve a gruesome triple murders in mumbai suburb. She was shocked to saw the crime scene as it didn’t look like murder by a human its like some animal killed them brutally . Prithvi an enforcer is hired to search and killed the killer, but together both dragged to world of saimahs -werelions and there is many more that you have to read this book. 🦁I really like the humorous dialogues by Prithvi and all scenes are written perfectly.Language is simple and lucid narration is crisp and up to the mark. 🦁all the characters are described in detail and

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