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42 Days of Love By Vikas Agarwal N Smita Tribedi

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I am juggling between 2-3books and all are different genres so in between i thought of this book to read as lighten my mood so here it goes you can also check blurb here. 42 Days of Love is a thrilling tale inspired by true events, weaving together desire, love, fear, death, and the will to survive all odds.@vikastrivedivikku@smita.agarwal@srishtipubBlurb :Donna lives for adventure, is a passionate explorer and loves deep sea diving. She has vowed to dig out the great sunken treasure of the Indian Nizam. Donna’s dark past and unhealed spiritual wounds drift her aboard an old submarine, along with a veteran handpicked crew. And as the sailors say, “Waves are not measured in feet or inches, they are measured in the increment of fear.” The expedition that ensues flips Donna’s life forever.What if your most awaited journey turns into a nightmare? What if you find yourself surrounded by bloodthirsty scavengers, knowing it is not a dream? If you are gritty enough, here is an extraordinary story for you.#tbr #tbrpost #reading #toberead #instagram #catsofinstagram #bookstagrammer #bookstagram #instapic #gogreen #plants #garden

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