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Nirvana in a Corporate Suit By Runjhun Nupoor

What is Nirvana?

Q:your favorite Spritiual place? I like Buddhist temple and @pondicheriNirvana is a state of mind when you give up your all desires and found happiness and peace in yourself. It’s a state in Buddhism and Jainism to find Nirvana.But Nowadays Nirvana is used in a very common terms or say in a fancy way so we are not going further in that.

In this book Nirvana in a Corporate suit @runjhunnoopur @treeshadebooks author try to explain things in a very easy way that we always looking for happiness in materialistic things we going for holidays or adding zeros in our bank balance and achieving those we loose ourselves somewhere so this book is a spiritual journey of a Corporate Guy. For me book cover is very intresting so the book title which intrigues me to pick this book. This book is a combination of spirituality with self help through a story. There are only two characters in it a Baba and a nameless corporate Guy Who is in search of peace into Himalayas. I really like the narration of the story it looks like you are dreaming into reality.language is very simple and lucid.It helps you in many ways finding your inner self and self realization. It truly depicts frustration of a corporate Guy their work pressure and hectic life. So overall it’s a good read.


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