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Myth and the Mind By Indrani Deb

Myth And The Mind By Indrani Deb

Q:Favourite mythological Book/fiction?Mythology is one genre that I always wanted to read more and when I gone through this book it was totally a new experience for me.Finally author choose to write about those characters which we heard a lot and but not in detail. So best part is that it’s a six short mythological tales which written very beautifully and for me I heard names of these characters but not read them specifically.My Favourite is Nala and Damyanti and Shakuni.Sehdev is also very nice it is based on period before Mahabharata yudha.Language is simple and easy.Recommended to all mythology lovers. #bookshimmy #mythology #bookish #bookstagramfeature #book #fantasy #fiction #community #reader #read #reviewer #bookbookbook #bookblog

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