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The Tree With A Thousand Apples By Sanchit Gupta

Kashmir is a crown of India and there are always different opinions of people. “But there is never a right or a wrong side to a problem, but there can be to people.Not everyone here is on the right side, not everyone there is. You need to ask yourself, which side do you want to be on??? “

The Tree with a thousand apples @sanchit421 @niyogi_booksThis book has its soul and heart and have all the essence and flavours of Kashmir through out.story is full of emotions and took me to tears many times and gave me goosebumps.This book is written by heart because I can’t find this book biased by any means, it tells story and perspective of Kashmiri Pandit, kashmiri musalman and Army people.you can’t say who is wrong or who is right..This is a story of Deewan, Bilal and safeena 3 childhood friends, their lives are scattered when one day Deewan has to leave Kashmir because he is pandit and people who are best of friends and neighbors are become enemies of each other.narration is the best part of this book it keeps you attached to the characters and you will feel the chilling winter of Kashmir in yourself.Language is simple and lucid.Cover of book is just awesome and I just love the title which gives you hint of storyThis is a must read book and highly recommend this book to everyone. Q:Have you ever been to Kashmir or want to visit? #mustread #highlyrecommended #bookstagramfeature #bookstagram #reader #read #reviewer #freelancer #kashmir #freedom

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