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Love you Forever by Abbyshek Chandra

Book Review : Love you Forever @abbyshekchandra


💜💜Love you Forever is based on author’s own life and according to me you can’t judge or review anyone’s life because you don’t know what he’s been through.@abbyshekchandra I’m not that strong as you are and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book.i hope your love for Myra is growing day by day. Blurb is fully justified and it gives you insight about story. I really like the parts whenever Abby talked to inner Abby and try to justifies or pacify himself.my most favorite part when he proposed Myra and I really love the whole surprise gift scene too. Language is simple and lucid.Narration is the best part which keep me attached to the story. Looking forward to read more from author. Recommended to those who love reading love stories.

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