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Shadows of the Northlands by Vishwesh Desai Review

Shadows of the Northlands by Vishwesh Desai

Shadows of the Northlands is a fantasy fiction written by a teenage boy of 14 years Vishwesh Desai. Well you read it right. This was the only reason why I choose to read this novel just to know what kind of fantasies does a 14 years old hold and how well it comes out on paper.

Vishwesh has awed me with his writing from the very first page. He might be only 14 years old but his vocabulary is so rich that even main stream writers would envy him. 

His opulent and magnificent grasp on language helps him to pen his wildest of fantasies on paper which results in mammoth book Shadows of Northlands clearly shows his power of imagination. Clearly he is a born writer who will further bloom with time and a little bit polishing.

Vishwesh with the power of his vocabulary has created a whole new world The Empire whose existence is at danger because some unknown evil forces attacks its cities, plunders it and leaves it infertile.

The Crown Prince appoints Merin and Rikkard, two most able spy of his Empire to unravel this mystery which makes them, along with the company of some trusted associates, to travel far and wide and also face some excruciating tortures in doing so.

The author seems to be heavily inspired by fantasy Hollywood movies and bestseller books like Games of Throne, The Lord of Rings and similar other dark fantasy novel. Vishwesh has himself churned out a similar fantasy novel which will leave reader horrified and riveted at the same time.

There were many torturing scenes in the book especially the one in the beginning when one Lord has been brutally put to death. I was really stunned with the imagination of a teenage age boy.

The book is mostly written in fast paced narration. Conversations are scant. The author puts all his efforts to build up The Empire, the people, war, attacks, annihilation of cities, brutal torturing scenes etc that dialogues were vastly overlooked. 

Also the author only concentrated on the character development of couple of important characters while rest were left at their own mercy. Many other lesser characters also played roles in the book but were not given that much importance. Like wise things achieved by them remains unexplained or incomplete . 

The Verdict

The readers who swear by fantasy genre will definitely find Shadows of Northlands unputdownable.

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