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He Lost His Mobile And.. by Amol Kulkarni Review

He Lost His Mobile And

He Lost His Mobile And.. by Amol Kulkarni is back to back the second debutante book I am reading. First being Game of Anarchy by Kenneth Jones. I am glad that I read He Lost His Mobile after some skepticism.

While reading the book one bollywood director’s movie kept coming to my mind. He is Priyadarshan. His movies are light-hearted movies with comical affect where many characters are in trouble due to one event or person and a continuous chain of misunderstanding leaves the audience laugh like a drain. 

He Lost His Mobile is also written on same lines. It has a funny plot with an uneventful incident leading to many events giving rise to some humorous incidents, tense situations, suspenseful moments in the entire book. 

The story is about a man Gautam who lost his mobile on one fine day which unleashes many unpleasant circumstances for many people. Writing more about the plot will take away the charm of reading. 

Amol Kulkarni is a first time writer but he writes effortlessly and in the most simplest manner that even a gradeschooler can easily understand the book and enjoy it. It’s like scenes plays in front of his eyes and he pens it down on paper to its precision which in turn gives a truly cinematic experience to the readers.

I really liked the concept of “relay trail” in the book in which multiple people shadows a person and the way Gautam deceives them is exceptional to read. 

Also there is an emotional conversation between Gautam and Mh Ali whose daughter elope with his lover on raising  and seeing your kids growing up. It really touched my heart as I myself am a new parent.

It starts with the history of mobile phones and it evolvement and involvement in the life of people.  Though there was nothing new to read in it as we have witness that process still it was a good revision and realization. 

Another thing which many seasoned writer sometimes don’t get it right, like Chetan Bhagat, but it is very crucial for the story is the character development and characterization. Amol has done a wonderful job there. He has clearly described and characterize each of the character. He has given enough space to them so that readers become familiar with the characters as there are many in the story that one can easily loose the track.

I specially find KK, boss of Gautam, hilarious as he has this shortcoming of missing words from conversations which leads to a few funny scenes in the book. Though I wish they should have been more in the book.

Something which was amiss in the book was the inadequate reactions of Gautam and his wife Manasi when they discovered that their daughter Neha has been kidnapped. There was reaction but it was no grief. Manasi was seen enjoying talking to Nazneen till midnight while his husband and police were searching for Neha. That worry part was missing. This is not the way parents react when their kid is kidnapped.

Amol has also put in efforts to describe Pune city. Rainfall, traffic jams, roads, premises has been included in the book which adds realism touch to the story.

The book also has brilliant narration throughout supported adequately by conversation the book has carve out a haywire day in the life of a man real well. 

The Verdict:

All in all it was a good read. Expecting to read more books from Amol in future.

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