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Yama’s Lieutenant and The Stone Witch by Anuja Chandramouli Review

Yama’s Lieutenant and The Stone Witch by Anuja Chandramouli

Yama’s Lieutenant and the Stone Witch is the second book in the Yama’s Lieutenant series written by Anuja Chandramouli. And after reading the second book I can safely say that Anuja is getting a better grip over Agni and his adventures and I am getting better at understanding Agni and his adventures. This new book is more deadlier and adventurous than the first book.

My comparison of both the books in the series is inevitable as I have read them back to back, which could also be the reason why I have enjoyed the second book more than first. There were many weird varieties of supernatural characters in the first book. But was well acquainted with them by the time I started reading the second book.

Also Anuja Chandramouli doesn’t write in simple language with simple words. She has her own complex style to describe situations, battle scenes and characters and use complicated sentence structures in her book. As a consequence, one needs more time and patience to understand. Once the familiarity with the language is achieved it is more easier to read the book.

yama's lieutenant and stone witch

So what’s the deadly adventure in which Agni had got himself involved? This time his adversary is a woman, actually a sorceress named Nayima, against the general notion that he gets on well with women. But yes, this way or that way, women continue to be larger part of his life. Nayima is on the verge of wiping out the entire human civilization and plans to set up a new world where everything will be perfect and it’s inhabitant will be virtuous. In such a scenario Agni travels back in time to save mankind, but he had to pay a heavy price for it. 

The first half was slow paced. Agni was busy gathering more information about the new assignment and finding the path to complete it. Nayima was busy annihilating mankind. But it was towards the climax that the narrative gathers pace and things start falling in place. Seems like the author has kept the best for the end.

In the first book, I felt the villain didn’t have much role to play. But in her second book Anuja paid special attention and effort to carve out the perfect villain character in the form of Nayima. The sorceress is not only dangerous, but also lavishly stylish and intelligent. When the negative character is stronger and powerful than the hero, it is then the story becomes gripping to read to know how the hero overcomes obstacles to defeat the opponent. I think Anuja has done a marvelous job in this regard.

Also Nayima’s story was very interesting to read and her story provided the necessary twist to the main story. Nayima’s story is a perfect example of misinterpretation and misperception, how the same story appears differently from different angles. I would say a masterstroke from the pen of the author.

Wisdom from the book“Life, and whatever comes after, offer the same choices , and if we are smart, we can opt for love, laughter and life every single time.” 

Characters of Dharami and Mino were adorable and so were other new friends of Agni, Zaurya and Aryan. The conversation between Dharami, Mino and Agni were animating and lively. This time there was less of magic and more of will power and physical power at play against the magic of the sorceress. Now I hope the future readers of this book will understand that why this unequal fight was so engrossing to read. Agni’s sister Varuna’s story about Yama continues in the second book as well. But this time it was more about his wives and children. It was also equally fascinating to read.  

The Verdict:

Anuja no doubt has got better with this book. Not only story line and plot were solid and gripping, but also description of battle scenes were vivid and lucid. Suspense was in the air and it was difficult to guess what will happen next.

I beseech Anuja to continue writing and maybe I wish to see Yama and his Lieutenant to fight hand in hand against evil. Dear author can you grant my wish.

Loved it. 

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