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Love Story by Erich Segal Review

Love Story by Erich Segal

I have been yearning to read a romantic novel from some time. Newly released romantic novels were not according to my bookish taste buds so I picked up an old classic romantic novel Love Story by Erich Segal. And I was not disappointed.

It has been a long time I have not cried while reading a novel. That happened while reading this tragic romantic novel. I cried my heart out. 

Story Line

The concept of the story is very similar to A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Spark. There is a girl and a boy. They fell for each other. But fate has other plans for the madly in love couple. One of them get sick and dies.

There are many Bollywood movies on the similar concept.

Writing Style

The book has been written in a very cool, hip- hop style. It was originally published in 1970 but I feel youngsters will identify with the casual style of the book.

The conversation between the lead pair is very relaxed, witty and informal. The way in which couples, who are comfortable in each other’s skin, converse in real life. But I don’t know how many wife will call their husband Bastard and how many wife will tolerate to be called bitch. But then husband wife always have some private names for each other.

Short and snappy 

Erich Segal was quick to finish the story. It is like a short story. He didn’t care to delve upon emotions and situations for too long. Everything happened in the story very quickly and by the time things could sink in, the story was over. 


I think what really was missing from the novel was intense emotions. Please note that emotions were there. And emotions were real and touching. But they were not intense like in the novel A Walk To Remember. So you will cry but your mind will not linger to the characters for too long.


The lead pair, rich Oliver Barret IV and smart Jenny Cavilleri are both adorable and close to reality. 


Many scenes in the book are beautifully written. Like Jenny and Oliver’s first meeting, then ice hockey match, their fight, the way Oliver comes to know of Jenny’s illness and their last scene. All were heartfelt and touching.


There are too many swearing words used in the novel even for parents. I guess this is the American style.

Also no place for sorry in relationship was quite unheard for me. Jenny ask Oliver never to say sorry. But why? I was not able to understand the logic behind this sentence.   

The Verdict:

It is a very small book. Hardly will take a few hours to complete even if you read word to word. 

But it is the marvel of Erich Segal’s writing that with small number of words he has impeccably wrote such a tragic and melancholy love story. This tiny book has great capacity to stir emotion.

The author will make you fall in love with his easy going adorable characters and then have to bear dual pain. Death of one character and suffering of another character.

A Must Read.

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