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Secrets in the Ice by Atlanta Bushnell Review

Secrets in the Ice by Atlanta Bushnell Review

‘A superb adventure series in the making’ was my first thought when I completed the second book, Secrets in the Ice, of the series The Fire Song Chronicles by Atlanta Bushnell. If Rise of Erifs was good, the second one is even better.

So what did I like so much in the second book?

‘The good solid story line’ will  be the answer. In the second book Torin and his team goes to Klemenite kingdom which was like Antarctica of our Earth or even colder. There, Torin was trying to secure a treaty with the king of Klemenite and in doing so, they were embroiled in one danger after another.

Secrets were the backbone of the story

True to its title there were some big secrets lurking in the corner. What is it? The author smartly drops hint here and there only to further cultivate the curiosity. And I would be lying if I say that I was expecting it. I was completely outsmart by the author’s secretive writing and her knack to keep the secret tightly wrapped up. I just loved the way the entire story unfolds with unexpected turns of event.

Blooming love stories

The seeds of crush and infatuations which were sown in the first book like between Jaydar and Daye, Torin and Avian, new one between Lance and Aurora are now saplings in the second book. But nothing in concrete. Only time will tell which one actually blooms into flower and which one perishes. If Avian and Torin submits to their feelings it will be explosive and highly dramatic.

No Character development

There is not much character development or evolvement of characters in the second book. Perhaps because the story is more plot driven than character driven. Of course their bonding and trust has strengthened. There were many well written inner turmoils. Like Jaydar being half Erif. Then Torins ebbing hatred for Erifs which is not liked by Aurora.

Perilous but Exciting adventure

As expected the story is fast paced and well plotted. It is full of adventure with vivid battle scenes and encounters. In fact some were so lucid that I read them with bated breath waiting for the final outcome of the fight.  

The author continues to write her book in simple language without affecting the lucidity of the story. Who says that one need to use heavy loaded words in order to make their book visualistic. The story flows seamlessly and effortlessly throughout, making reading, this adventurous book such a delight.

Yes, as expected, Torin and his friends diplomatic visit to Klemenite was full of adventure rather dangerous. Though Klemenite doesn’t appear to be ferocious as Erif warriors, due to their burning power, but circumstances were inviting trouble.

The Verdict:

Waiting anxiously for the next and many more books in the series. Both the books in the series The Fire Song Chronicles are a must read. Someone who loves reading YA fantasy novels, then this is where their search should stop.

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