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Rise of Erifs by Atlanta Bushnell Review

Rise of Erifs by Atlanta Bushnell

The Rise of Erifs is the first book in the series of The Fire Song Chronicle written by Atlanta Bushnell. It is a Young Adult thriller, fantasy novel full of action and adventure.


The story is about the rise of Erifs who rules the kingdom of Keppar. They were killing machine. I will prefer to call them fireman. They were ambitious to rule the entire universe.

Now universe consists of six kingdoms. One of them is Earth. It is now upon Lataninia, the most powerful kingdom, to stop them. Unfortunately, Lataninia had been captured by the Erifs. Torin, The Prince of Lataninia and his loyal team takes the responsibility to fight back.

Thrilling Read all throughout

As I said before, it is action packed fast, paced novel. There is not a single dull moment in the story. There is so much happening in the story that you will remain completely immersed into the book.

The author has shown that the kingdoms were technologically advanced. So you will get to read about fictitious technical stuff in the novel like getting invisible, electric shocks by animal roar, headphones for communication without any medium, etc. So there is no bound to imagination and such stuff kept coming up according to the need of time.


There are many characters in the book. The author had made commendable efforts to describe all the characters distinctively. As a result, I never have a problem in remembering their names, special features and skills. Erifs had fire like power in their body. They had been described lucidly. When opponents are dangerous and powerful, the story becomes more interesting and engrossing to read.

The language of the book has been simple yet, it is vivid enough for you to imagine all the action scenes and rescue episodes. Much like a Hollywood movie.

Though the story is strong and well plotted, but it is not without glitches. Like the twins in story, Aurora and Alex goes all the way to Lataninia in search for their father, but they seem to completely forget about him later on.

The Verdict

All in all it was a good read.

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