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Manthan: Boy destined to be God by Utkarsh Pandey Review

Manthan: Boy destined to be God by Utkarsh Pandey

Tenth Avatar of Vishnu

Manthan by Utkarsh Pandey is the mythical fantasy novel based on the popular myth that Vishnu’s tenth avatar Kalki will appear on Earth, to put an end to the atrocities of Kali and hereby mark the end of Kaliyuga and start of new yuga maybe SatyaYuga.

Well, I don’t know if this foretell will come true someday or not but, yes, for now the author has used this myth well to weave an interesting and engrossing tale which you will find difficult to put down until finished.

Superb development of Kalki’s character

I loved the way the author developed the protagonist Vasu’s character who is destined to become Kalki. He had no superhero traits. He was no fighter. He was frail, weak and shattered which bore a doubt in mind- is he capable enough to face Kali, the mighty, invincible and immortal evil?

Vasu’s character reminds me of Harry Potter. Both were chosen to fight an opponent more powerful than them. Both were, initially, unconfident and mentally shattered, but were specially trained to become what they were destined for. Above all, both committed mistakes, are vulnerable and human hence relatable.

Action Thriller

The story is full of action and adventure, puzzles and riddles. Vasu and his friends were on a roller coaster ride in their quest to destroy the talisman of Kali which was a bit similar to that of Voldemort’s horcrux. It was a complete fun and mind boggling read.

The best part of the story is its unpredictability which will keep readers guessing and glued to the book. The story has unexpected turns of events especially towards the climax of the novel which no doubt will leave readers in frenzy for the next book in the Kalki Chronicles series.

The story was slow to begin with but there was a tinge of suspense which will encourage you to read further. The protagonist was appearing to be uninteresting but soon steam start building up and one adventure after another provides the necessary pace to the story.

Mythical characters like Parashuram, Aswathama, Bhimshma Pitahma, Ganga, Yami, Hanuman, Indra etc appears in the story and here and there you will get many mythical tales to read. The author, in very simple terms narrates the tale of advent of the world which was quite interesting to read. It will be great if some one convert this series into a tele series or movie.

Some of the scenes were well written and visualistic like Vasu playing flute and it’s affect on surrounding, human and celestial form of Yami etc. A sweet love story brewing betweenVasu and Padma was lovely to read. I am looking forward to read more about the chemistry between the two in the next book.

The Verdict

The Kalki Chronicles is the series which I am looking forward to. Eagerly waiting to know what happens next. No doubt it is at par with The Meluha series of Amish Tripathi.

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