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Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie Review

Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express is considered to be the classic and one of the best murder mystery novel written by Agatha Christie. Readers swear by this book and it was highly recommended to me by the fans of Poirot series.

Story Line

Let me tell you something about the story line. As the title suggests, a man was brutally murdered on the Orient Express and the killer disappears into thin air. No one seems to have any idea how the murderer escapes unnoticed. Well, I can only say this much about the story. Rest you should read yourself to discover.

But I can safely say one thing about this novel that it has the most mind blowing story line and mind boggling end. Never in the wildest of my dream I could have guessed who the murderer was nor have the inkling about the climax.

Slow start but gathers speed

At the beginning, the story was slow. The author has taken her own sweet time to set up the background of the story which by the way has no connection with the murder. But once the murder takes place things starts rolling and Agatha weaves such a complex web of mystery that as a reader, I was completely clueless and was sheer bewilder by the clues and twist and turns.

Impressive sleuth work

Private detective H. Poirot had shown tremendous observational skill. Stuck in the middle of the snow, in the standstill train, he had almost no help or resources to solve the murder mystery. He was entirely dependent on his observations and brain to put two and two together to know the motive behind the murder.


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There are many characters in the story. All perfectly laid out and characterized. The crowd in the book was a conglomerate of every type of person. Some were secretive, some were supportive, some were irritating, some were adorable and some were mysterious, but you can’t put finger on one character thinking he or she to be a murderer. 

The Verdict

A great thriller. In fact, the best crime thriller I have read till date with solid story line, perfect plotting and interesting characters. Twist and turns and surprises which keep springing up every now and then will keep you up guessing and stunned at the same time.

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