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The Modern Gurukul by Sonali Bendre Behl

The Modern Gurukul by Sonali Bendre Behl

The Modern Gurukul written by Sonali Bendre Behl is not like a typical parenting book giving do’s and don’t with advices overload. Rather, it is like a journal where a mother has penned her journey of motherhood sharing her troubles and experiences. So it should be read more like a diary of a mother than as a parenting guidance book.

Honest and Straight from Heart

The first thing that will strike you while reading is the honesty with which the book has been written. Till now we have only seen Sonali as an actress but this book gives insight into Sonali as a human being. She didn’t try to depict herself as a perfect mom who knows how to handle and tackle every situation. Like any ordinary new mother, she had her own share of problems, anxieties, self- doubts, depressing moments and challenges.

She wrote without inhibition about the problems that she confronted which otherwise parents shy to discuss. She faced challenges in form of breastfeeding, later her son’s asthma and choppy speech problem. But she didn’t rest until found the solution to them.

Parenting Style

So what’s her parenting style? Is yesteryear hot actress a cool mother or a strict mother? Well, she is in between the two. She knows where to put her foot down like Ranveer’s sleeping routine, regular to school, grandparents role, food issues, TV watching and gadgets etc. she was clear about what she wants. At times she is also tolerant and lenient as the situation demands. Moderation is the key according to her. Commanding is not her style. Instead setting examples for the child is her mantra.

My Takeaway

I personally loved her unconventional thoughts about education where parents should take greater responsibility to know about the child’s strength and area of interest and accordingly to guide him or her; about spiritualism that to enjoy silence and refrain from filling each moment with noise, to be peaceful and happy with oneself; about her strategy of parenting her parents when they start behaving like kids; her finding about Vedic culture and to blend it according to modern time; her desire to raise a  compassionate child.

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A Journey not Preachy

Sonali is not a parenting guru giving a perfect parenting recipe to rear a child. She is more into sharing her experience with an intention that it might help other parents. Learning from other’s mistakes and experiences is a smart way of teaching yourself and saving from all the trouble of learning through trial and error.

The Verdict

Sonali is very practical and rationalize in her approach and thinking. And her book comes straight from the heart so touches the right cord instantly. Never once Sonali sounded superfluous. Completely honest and inspiring.

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