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Garuda and the Serpents by Arshia Sattar Review

Garuda and the Serpents by Arshia Sattar

My 10 years old son loves to read short stories from Hindu mythology, be it from the Ramayana or Mahabharata. So I am constantly in search for hindu mythology books for children which could satiate his desire to read more about our mythical tales. This was the reason why I was quick to grab Garuda and The Serpents by Arshia Sattar. He enjoyed The Serpent’s Revenge Unusual Tales from Mahabharata by Sudha Murthy so I was sure he would like this one as well.

More About The Book

Garuda and the Serpents is the collection of short tales from our epics like Purana, Ramayana and Mahabharata. There are total 18 short stories which include gods, demigods, rakshas, humans etc. exploring
varied facets of our mythology. The stories are not moral based but more an adventure.

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My Thoughts

All the stories are short, just a few pages for each story written in a concise manner. My son likes it that way. He gets bored when stories are too long. Also the language is simple and easy to understand. Every story is accompanied by a vivid and colorful illustration. There is just one illustration of two pages for each story. Considering kids will be the main audience of this book there should be some more pictures.

Children will enjoy reading all the stories. I just wished if there was a takeaway message with each tale.

For elders who know their epics will be aware of most the stories. The author retells some of the stories in a slightly different manner and tone from the usual one, adding her own version to the story. You might like those changes or not that is completely the personal preference. These changes might have been done keeping children in mind.

The Verdict

Garuda and The Serpents could be a nice addition to your children’s mythical book collection.

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