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The Life Is Flower and The Love of Honey by Surbhi Sharma Review

The Life Is Flower and The Love of Honey by Surbhi Sharma

The Life Is Flower and The Love is Honey is the debut novel of the author Surbhi Sharma. She is one of my first blogger friends. I was quite excited about this novel and was eager to grab it when released. It is great to see Surbhi taking a leap of faith and moving to the next level and becoming an author which many book bloggers including me don’t see ourselves doing.

The Story in Brief

Subh wants to become a professional nature photographer. But due to undue pressure from his parents, he gives up his dream. The author remarkably portrays the mental stress and tightness which he goes through. He is just breathes and not living his life.

The character of Subh reminds me of Farhan from the movie 3 Idiots played by Madhavan. Their’s are the real stories. We all at some point or another give up our dreams, kill our inner voice to walk on more tried and tested path because we are too afraid to take risks, to take leap of faith.

While Monica, on the other hand, is buzzing with life. Her fingers smeared in colours, giving her imagination a life on canvas. Her life bloomed and blossomed when she followed her heart. The book is both inspiring and motivating.

Love in Air

There is also a sweet and heartwarming love story brewing in between. The emotions and chemistry between Subh and Monica has been depicted beautifully. Your heart will be filled with love, seeing these two lovebirds in love yet are afraid to confess.

Life Lessons

In between the chapters there are many philosophical and life inspiring preaches. They are good as long as you are in reflective mode, but otherwise they hindered my rhythm of reading. I wished the
author incorporated them in the narrative itself rather than writing individual chapters.

The Verdict

It is a feel good romantic novel with a strong message to listen and follow your heart. Ultimately, it is your life and you have to bear the consequences, so why not take decisions listening to your heart
rather than other people.

We all know the climax of feel good romantic novels are always happy yet I want to read on to see it happening from the eyes of the characters. It was so pleasing to read Subh and Monica’s love story. I
just felt it never ends.

My all good wishes are with the new author on board. Hope you (Surbhi) pen more and more words which take the shape of bestsellers.

It is a four starer book.

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