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Daily Archives: August 14, 2019

50 Synonyms for “Song”

Numerous words that describe various types of musical composition are listed and defined below. (Note that in the definitions below, popular denotes not a musical form that is widely enjoyed, but a song of a type traditionally derived from common people and folk traditions rather than from professional composers. Forms of the …

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3 Common Types of Phrasal-Adjective Hyphenation Errors

One of the most ubiquitous categories of error in written composition is failure to provide a visual clue to readers that two or more words preceding a noun are temporarily functioning as a single unit of information. After each of the sentences below, a discussion explains one of several types …

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A Dozen Nonnumerical Words for Quantities

The English language has, well, a number of words that denote specific or approximate quantities that are themselves not numbers. This post lists and defines a dozen of those words. 1. brace: two, in reference to identical objects 2. century: primarily denotes 100 years, but occasionally used, especially in the context of …

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