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12 Signs and Symbols You Should Know

What is the origin of various symbols used in English, and when is the use of each appropriate? Here’s a guide to twelve common signs, including how they developed and in which contexts they are used or avoided. 1. & (Ampersand) The ampersand was, at least until well into the …

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Six Rules for Making Subjects and Verbs Agree

If you want to write proper English, you have to follow a rule called “subject-verb agreement.” That means that if the subject is plural (ducks), then the verb needs to be plural (quack). If the subject is singular (duck) then the verb needs to be singular (quacks). This issue is …

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50 Synonyms for “Leader”

Here’s a list of words that can take the place of leader. 1. Administrator: a person with short-term or long-term responsibility — in the latter sense, usually a generic term; also, one given responsibility over an estate2. Archon: one who presides (informal), or a chief magistrate in Athens in classical times3. Autocrat: one with …

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