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Possessive of Proper Names Ending in S

Should one write “Jesus’ name” or “Jesus’s name”?Which is correct, “Travis’ friend” or “Travis’s friend”? The questions on the use of the apostrophe to form the possessive keep coming. This post is about how to form the possessive of a proper name that ends in -s. Most stylebooks agree that the …

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7 Sound Techniques for Effective Writing

The following rhetorical tools enrich writing by eliciting a primal emotional response in readers: 1. Alliteration Alliteration, the pattern of two or more words within a phrase or sentence that begin with the same sound, is an effective form of emphasis that adds lyricism to even straightforward prose and influences …

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20 Strategies for Writing in Plain Language

The increasing popularity of plain language, the concept of writing clear, simple prose, is making it easier for people to understand legal documents and government forms. It’s also recommended for any print or online publications intended to provide information or explain a process — and writers should consider its utility …

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