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“About” and “For” with Adjectives

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The recent post on “excited for” got me thinking that a list of adjectives that take about and for might be useful.

eager for
happy for (as in I’m happy for you because you have succeeded.)
therapeutic for
unsuitable for

adamant about
enthusiastic about
exuberant about
exultant about
excited about
elated about
flippant about
guarded about
gullible about
happy about (as in I’m happy about my promotion.)
irate about
knowledgeable about
nosy about
overjoyed about
phobic about
relieved about
snobbish about
vague about

Here are some quotations from newspapers:

Sharks’ Evander Kane eager for 1st playoffs in 9th season

Jaguars coach Doug Marrone happy for Bills, but won’t delve into his odd exit from Buffalo.

Such an announcement is inappropriate. If the Captain determined the airplane was unsuitable for the flight, it is his or her responsibility and …

Quarry neighbors irate about dumping, water quality. Benton Township residents near the Rocky Ridge Development quarry are upset about …

Detroit Lions veteran players are excited about first-round draft pick Frank Ragnow. He took snaps at both center and left guard at rookie …

Kristin Higgins was adamant about not pushing “girly” stereotypes on her daughter, and painted her room in shades of green. Higgins later …

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