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Daily Archives: August 2, 2019

“About” and “For” with Adjectives

The recent post on “excited for” got me thinking that a list of adjectives that take about and for might be useful. foreager forhappy for (as in I’m happy for you because you have succeeded.)therapeutic forunsuitable for aboutadamant aboutenthusiastic aboutexuberant aboutexultant aboutexcited aboutelated aboutflippant aboutguarded aboutgullible abouthappy about (as in I’m happy about my …

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Principles of Plain English

Perspicuous written communication is fundamental in every aspect of human interaction — or should I say, “Clear writing is important whenever people interact”? If I support the triumph of plain English over byzantine jargon and sesquipedalianism, I should. But rather than explain what plain English is, I’ll state what it …

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The Winning Formula for Writing Success

When I wrote the heading for today’s post, I thought to myself, “I should be making infomercials and workshop presentations, offering my ‘secret’ for a thousand dollars.” A thousand dollars a head for even a few dozen participants? That’s what I call successful writing: With one phrase and a few …

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