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WoW Tips On How To Write The Perfect Blog Post

Writing good content is essential if you want to have a successful blog or website

Competition has become fierce in the past few years, and if your content does not meet the highest standards, your blog might not reach its full potential. There are many bloggers who are truly trying their best but might do better if they had the knowledge of how to write a perfect post.

It is important to know that these tips will not change your voice or your online personality, but rather just bring out the best in your writing. Sometimes, you just need to reword a sentence, and once the sentence restructure is done, your blog has a better tone. Here are the top tips on how to approach your next blog post.

A Clear Title

Your readers should be able to look at your heading and know exactly what to expect. In fact, this is the deciding factor and will determine if they read the post or decide not to. A lot of thinking has to go into this, and it should not be taken lightly.

Your title should be relevant to your post, but also interesting and exciting enough to grab the attention of the reader. There needs to be a perfect balance for it to work. Then you also have to consider the correct keywords, so it truly is an important part of your blog post.

The Opening Paragraph

The opening paragraph of your blog post should make the point of the article clear immediately. Between the title and the opening paragraph, you can either engage the reader or not. There will be enough time in the body of the post, to broaden the specs, but do not leave the reader wondering what the post is about.

There are some bloggers who use tricks to keep readers guessing in order to engage them to read further. If you honestly care about your audience, you will make the point clear and leave it up to them to decide to continue reading or to move on. At the end of the day, it is about adding value and not about the numbers.

Use lists

Most people have very busy lives and sometimes just need a quick overview of an interesting point relating to your topic. You can use the strategy of using lists to engage readers and highlight all the valuable points without an essay type of blog.

Do a top 10 list or a best tips of the day list. You can write any list, as long as it’s catchy and interesting. It is also important to mention that you need to make sure that all your points are relevant. There is nothing wrong with a top 8 or top 9 if that is all you can come up with.

Add Visual Content

The Internet is evolving, and so are the people using it. We are visual creatures and are attracted by shiny things. This is why it is so important to include good quality images and videos on your blog.

The standards are so high because bloggers are investing in good cameras to help them post better images. If you include small, blurry and poorly constructed images on your blog post, you might as well leave it out.

Your writing might be good, but if your visual content is poor quality, it takes away from the post. Instead of just opting out of adding visuals, learn how to take better pictures and shoot great videos.


There are a host of people who believe that keywords are ruining good content and I can relate to that. If you are just focused on keywords and stuffing your post with all the keywords you can find, it probably won’t make for a good read.

You can use keywords because they do help with your SEO, but make sure your use of them goes unnoticed by your audience.

Do not create your sentences in a way that does not make sense, just to include a keyword. You can use a word rephrasetool if you are worried about how your keywords sound in your sentence. It’s all about balance and not overdoing it.

Add value

Value is by far the most important tip to any blogger out there.

You can circulate information that has been covered before, or you can add more value to the online world and also to people’s lives. Come up with new and fresh information that is nowhere to be found on the Internet.

Search engines will also be sending you lots of love if you do this. Spend some time doing intensive research on every post you send out, and it will be time well spent.

There is no way to rush and post every day, but instead only publish high-quality content on your blog.


If you want your blog to be memorable, you have to come up with content that is on a level higher than other blogs.

It does not always mean that your content has to be serious and have a professional tone to it, but rather it should be engaging, relatable and most importantly, checked very carefully for grammar errors and typos.

Do not let your voice be silenced by all the rules and regulations of blog posting because at the end of the day the audience still wants to know that there is a real human behind the text.

Always be yourself and let your personality show through your work.

Humans connect with humans, and if you show your softer side, you will see how much people engage with your content. Do not try to copy other bloggers because you are fantastic just the way you are.

Your writing is good enough, and even though it takes some time to gain a following, you will get there. Just continue to post great content, and your traffic numbers will eventually increase. Good luck on your journey.

Blogging is totally worth it, and you can make a success of it. Many have done it and you will too.

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