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Knowing the author – Deblina Bhattacharya over her debut poetry book – Knots in her own words.

Deblina Bhattacharya is a young poet and author hailing from the city of Joy, Kolkata. From her childhood, she was surrounded by books and literature, thanks to her father’s love for the written word. Always weaving stories for school magazines and essays, she didn’t start writing seriously until 2015, when tragedy hit her hard. She wrote her first novel, which will forever remain unpublished, in only a year. Poetry happened fortuitously. She always thought of herself as a novelist, never a poet. Life really works in mysterious ways, as her debut poetry collection has now been published and has already become a number 1 bestseller.

Writing saved my life. It came at a time when I had nothing to live for, and gave me a reason to go on.

Ink a short poetry on your name.

Deblina: Devote yourself to God,
But who is God?
And what is religion?
Writing, she says
The one named Deblina.

Q.1 How was your journey in the field of writing? What circumstances you had faced as negativity in the paths leading to success.

Deblina: My journey in writing has truly been, what you call, a rollercoaster ride. I wrote my first novel when I was fifteen, but understood it wasn’t worthy enough to see the light of day. My personal struggles with depression, OCD and anxiety was just one more thing weighing me down. My own insecurities have been the biggest roadblocks in my path to success. Plus, my family is full of science students, so no one really understood this field, nor did I have any connections with anyone in the industry. I had to carve my own path in this maze. My family supports me, but can never really be of much help to me.

Q.2 Being a published poet, how you feel to be like? What have you been thinking all around these years, and what made you ink your debut poetry book? What is the story all about?

Deblina: All these years, I have been waiting for the day when my book would be in the hands of readers and they would be moved by it. And thanks to Sandeep sir, today, my dream has come true. My book has received not only commercial but critical success, and I finally feel one of my goals in life has been fulfilled.

The poems in the book were all inked at various points in my life, when I was going through certain phases. Yes, you can call my poetry confessionist, because most of it is taken out of my own life experiences.

Q.3 How you look at the present condition in the feild of writings? Out of 100% population, 75% are choosing writing as a carrier, and shaping their future, while writing shit which hardly makes sense. And on the other hand, publishers are making profit in the market of no good reason. Do you think, in the coming era of living, indian literature will stay in safe hands? Kindly drop your comments over the same.

Deblina: I feel that Indian literature, specially Indian commercial fiction has a ways to go. In front of international literature, Indian commercial fiction has mostly become subpar. But, the situation’s not entirely hopeless, as there are writers out there who actually take their profession seriously, and want to improve. These writers, I believe, will lead our literature forward in the coming days.

• Q.4 Who are Fans? And what is a truth behind this mera word.? People add, I’ve a social platform with tons of followers, and they end up selling 20 books in an average. So, for you who are your true fans? And how you deal with this mirror face illusion individual in your life who acts as yours, but are never yours? What are your strategies behind making your society go crazy in hip hop way?

Deblina: Fans is an extremely ambiguous and subjective term. For some, fans mean Facebook “friends” or Instagram “followers.” But for me, my fans are my readers. Those who buy my book, take the time to leave reviews and post about it on various social media platforms. They may not always be my Facebook friends or followers, but they love me and my work such that they go out of their way to help me. They are my true “fans.” Number of followers means nothing, absolutely nothing, because at the time of need, not a single one of them will stand beside you or even buy your book.

• Q.5 Any suggestions for the budding writers, readers and for the writerstory? Do suggest what else the writerstory should do for you all budding writers.

Deblina: My only advice for budding writers is, follow your heart. Write what you want to, not what you think readers want to read. Don’t be afraid to push the limits, break boundaries, and do something completely out of the blue. Because that’s what makes you and your story unique.

As for writerstory, I feel writerstory is already doing a commendable job for budding authors. I would suggest they also do spotlights or book reviews for writers, to help them gain maximum exposure.

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FB – fb.me/authordeblina
INSTA – instagram.com/author_deblina

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