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Bhavani Krishna shares her experience over her debut poetry book: ‘Pristine Verses’.

Coming from a family that prioritises academics over everything, having a passion and following it has no role in her life. That doesn’t stop her creative mind and deep inside it grew without her knowledge. When the right people threw some light on her hidden talents, nothing could stop her from achieving what she secretly desired. Now she’s holding her Debut Poetry Book!

Q.1 How was your journey in the field of writing? What circumstances you had faced as negativity in the paths leading to success?

• Journey as a writer is interesting so far and it will continue to be. It frees my mind from depression and changed me to a better person.
Negativity exist everywhere and we can’t ignore it. Only thing we can do is changing the way we look at it. I have the bad habit of turning the negativity into motivation. The toughest thing to handle is when our own thoughts create negativity within us. That’s the only thing we need to focus and resolve. Rest all is manageable.

Q.2 Being a published author, how you feel to be like? What have you been thinking all around these years, and what made you ink your debut novella? What is the story all about?

• I have been a part of some anthologies before. That is somewhat easy. All we need to do is submit your poems and leave it in the hands of editors and publishers. But publishing our own book is a different game. It’s like turning a stone into a sculpture. We need to put our heart and soul into it to get the best outcome. We need to have a good rapport with the editors and publishers to preserve the essence of our words. Else readers won’t receive the right meaning the author wants to convey.

Q.3 How you look at the present condition in the feild of writings? Out of 100% population, 75% are choosing writing as a carrier, and shaping their future, while writing shit which hardly makes sense. And on the other hand, publishers are making profit in the market of no good reason. Do you think, in the coming era of living, indian literature will stay in safe hands? Kindly drop your comments over the same..

• Unlike before, people now have a wider option for writing and make people read it (like Instagram). This somehow fulfils writers who didn’t have the opportunity to publish a book on their own.
And nowadays many good publishers are easily approachable because of social media.
So writers can get in touch with them, exchange thoughts and go ahead with publishing without even meeting them in person.
Everything has its own disadvantages and even I suffered initially before publishing my debut poetry book. Thanks to Raindrops publishers for helping me at the right time.
Another tough challenge Instagram or any writer in social media faces is ‘plagiarism’. Our content could be copied by anyone and at times we can’t even do anything about it. In spite of this, what I learnt is true talent will always shine!
Most of my followers in Instagram are from the other part of the world. So certainly Indian writers and their writings easily cross borders these days. Indian emotions are valued more in India and also in abroad so nobody has the capacity to stop its growth.

Q.4 Who are Fans? And what is a truth behind this mera word.? People add, I’ve a social platform with tons of followers, and they end up selling 20 books in an average. So, for you who are your true fans? And how you deal with this mirror face illusion individual in your life who acts as yours, but are never yours? What are your strategies behind making your society go crazy in hip hop way?

• I love answering this question. One major truth I wish to share now is, I’m a writer and a published author now only because of Instagram.
Social media is a tricky world. Good thing we have there is people won’t judge you based on your personal life because they don’t know! They like and comment only on the content you post. Fan word for me is 10% loyalists and 90% time passers.
Most of them focus on the 90% and blame social media as fake. Myself and other successful writers chose to focus on the 10% and use that as our base and motivation to grow. I’ve been said as a loyal fan by my friend and writer Shilpa Goel and similarly I’ve a handful of loyal fans.
World is filled with all kinds of people and social media is just a mini world. So take what you want and what is good and leave the rest.
There are days when my poems won’t get maximum likes on my page but will be featured in some popular Instagram page! Follow your heart, write good content, fans(also loyal ones) will follow.

Q.5 Any suggestions for the budding writers, readers and for the writerstory? Do suggest what else the writerstory should do for you all budding writers.

• I’m just a beginner and still figuring out how to grow!
One suggestion I want to give is, never feel disheartened and start to think that you’re incapable just because people didn’t appreciate your writings during the initial stage or at any point of time. Continue writing or keep posting if you’re a writer in social media and you’ll shine one day.

This is my first interview and I love the way Writerstory is supporting budding writers like me. Your support is much needed and it motivates us to do more in the field of writing/poetry.
What gives more happiness than the appreciation we get for our work. Pristine Verses, my Debut Poetry Book made this happen and I’m happy for that.

Bonus Question.

Ink a short poetry on your name.

:- Fearless in expressing
the thoughts that remain
muted in the minds of many.
Giver of abundant love and
always chose not to bother,
even it went unreturned.
Believes in showing power,
be it in the form of
words or love.
Living a life that
matches her name
– Bhavani

She can be reached here:

Instagram: https://instagram.com/bhavani.krishna04?igshid=43m7s6nvfda7

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bhavani.krishna04

Her poetry book can be ordered here:

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2PFOQQC

Flipkart: http://fkrt.it/JqSju~uuuN

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