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Love Knows No LOC by Arpit Vageria : review

Arpit Vageria has been known for his flair in writing romantic novels in various themes and his latest,  Love Knows No LOC is no different. This book focuses on the love story of two distinct personalities : Kabeer,  an Indian cricketer and Zoya, a Pakistani popstar. The relationship between these two is depicted in the book in his trademark style,  making it a perfect read this season.

The blurb says: Zoya, a twenty five year old Pakistani Popstar, meets Kabeer, an emerging Indian cricketer, while he is in Lahore to play a match promoting India-Pakistan friendship. One thing leads to another and soon the two become inseparable. As their love for each other grows, she leaves Pakistan to be with him, only to return a few months later following a misunderstanding. In Pakistan, Zoya is gloomy and sulking, thinking about the bond she shared with Kabeer. In India, a confused Kabeer is still hopeful of meeting Zoya. As their relationship is put to test in the wake of mounting tensions between the two countries, the couple unearths a long-buried truth that will forever change the course of their lives.

To begin with, I’m in love with the cover.  It has an aesthetic appearance along with a wonderful color combination that brings the best of both worlds to the table. The book starts with a heavy premise and your read is divided from past to present which can be a bit difficult to grasp if you aren’t reading with that much concentration.  

Having said so,  the flair is beautiful. You won’t even know when you started with the book and fell in love with it. Having a definite ending,  you, I’m sure, like me, are sure to ask for more by the end of it. There were other characters in the book but smartly so, the author knew when to bring them upfront and when to sideline them.  

One of his best works,  I can’t pinpoint on the cons but I surely expected more from the author.  Looking forward to more from him.

Rating: 4.75 out of 5.

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