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Talk-Show with the romance thriller Author – Chirasree Bose

For those who don’t know me yet, I have written a novella called Done With Her… It’s a romance thriller with a dark backdrop. Professionally I am a content writer, editor, and software engineer.

Q.1 Your debut novella is all about? How well did it cope with the society, and what you had inked in it for the readers? What ideas you had while you were inking this, and share your difficulties you had while shaping your debut child.

Author:- The novella is about a heinous crime often committed in society. I intended to spread awareness about this crime and why we should speak up against such wrong doings

Q.2 How was the journey for you in the field of writings, and connection with your debut publisher? What were the outcomes and negativity you suffered? And what made you finally accomplish your goals ending up as an author.

Author:- Any journey is difficult. However, if you are passionate enough then accomplishing it isn’t tough. My publisher has been very helpful throughout this process.

Q.3 How you look at the present condition in the field of writings? Out of 100% population, 75% are choosing writing as a carrier, and shaping their future, while writing shit which hardly makes sense. And on the other hand, publishers are making profit in the market of no good reason. Do you think, in the coming era of living, Indian literature will stay in safe hands? Kindly drop your comments over the same..

Author: I agree. That’s the reason I believe publishers shouldn’t publish all the contents they receive. Quality is more important than quantity and it applies in every aspect

Q.4 What’s next in your creative bag, for the readers? If you’re into your next book, do surprise your readers by mentioning about the same here, and a bit of what would the story all around, and when would they get the book in the market…

Author:- I am working on a book. But I wouldn’t say much about it at this moment. All I would say is it may not be a thriller.

Q.5 Any suggestions for the budding writers, readers and for the writer-story? Do suggest what else the writer-story should do for you all budding writers.

Author:- Believe in your writing style. Uniqueness is the key to success. I wish Writer-story all the best in their endeavor.

Thank you!!

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