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‘Immortal Love’ by Neetu Khatri Kajal

Knowing the author in her own words.

Hi all, This is Neetu Khatri Kajal, who hails from Bahadurgarh, a small city quite near to Delhi. I have acquired my graduation degrees in Commerce and Education from Delhi University and scored masters in triplets i.e. in Commerce, Education and English Literature. My first paper was published during my masters in Education. I am an avid reader, writer and blogger. I started my journey in writing with my debut novel Immortal Love.

Q.1 Your debut novella is titled as ‘Immortal Love’ and the word ‘Immortal’ stands for what here? What’s the story behind the title? And what is the whole plot all around. Kindly enlighten your points over the same for your readers.


Immortal means that never ends, Here also it reflects the same meaning in my novel. Immortal Love is the story of Vanshika who longs for true and unconditional love but her longings were not satisfied by her husband. She gets infatuated towards a guy from his college and decides to leave her husband but things get turned overhead and destiny tests her at different points. Passing through this phase, she meets her immortal love eventually in an amazing way. The whole plot of the story revolves around Vanshika, a modern girl of today who yearns to satisfy her longings and finally gets them accomplished in a surprising way.

Q.2 How was the journey for you in the field of writings, and connection with your debut publisher? What were the outcomes and negativity you suffered? And what made you finally accomplish your goals ending up as an author.

I started my journey in an amazing manner as I felt cravings to express my feelings through writings. I have gathered much experiences of life to share with others and I found this platform as the best one. I am a book worm in a bit way as a swipe out almost 30 to 40 books in a year on an average. That’s how I got connected with this fabulous platform. One of my friend suggested for my debut publisher, Zorba Publishers based in Gurugram and no doubts at all, they helped me at every point giving my story and thoughts into the shape of a book. At beginning, I took myself worthless as it’s my first attempt in writing but when I received the feedback from my publisher, I got dumb stuck as they told me that I would be going to rock the world with my writings. They accepted my script quickly and my journey got started

Q.3 How you look at the present condition in the field of writings? Out of 100% population, 75% are choosing writing as a carrier, and shaping their future, while writing shit which hardly makes sense. And on the other hand, publishers are making profit in the market of no good reason. Do you think, in the coming era of living, Indian literature will stay in safe hands? Kindly drop your comments over the same..

Ans: I haven’t chosen this field for making my career as I am a full time Lecturer in English Literature. Writing is my passion, a way to pour my heart and soul into. Today, we find many people making career in this field but I would like to say that everyone must have passionate about the work, only then we can give our 100% to our area of interest. Publishers too should pick up the worthy scripts only to shape the Indian Literature in perfect way.

Q.4 What’s next in your creative bag, for the readers? If you’re into your next book, do surprise your readers by mentioning about the same here, and a bit of what would the story all around, and when would they get the book in the market.

My next novel titled ‘Beyond Expectations’ is going to be released in May itself. Pre – order link will be shared soon. ‘Beyond Expectations’ is the story of a girl who passes through diverse episodes in her life, she slips into depression but never gives up. It’s an inspirational story for today’s generation as it tells how we can stand firm at the times of stress and depression. I am working on my third book now

Q.5 Any suggestions for the budding writers, readers and for the writerstory? Do suggest what else the writerstory should do for you all budding writers.

Yeah, I would like to suggest all the budding writers for reading a lot and pouring in their heart and soul while writing. Just get lost in your story while inking the words and thoughts. I would like to thank Writerstory for taking such initiative for budding writers. I would like to suggest for arranging events for the writers time to time.

You can order her debut novella here: https://www.flipkart.com/immortal-love/p/itmf2qbj4gyfzm4w?lid=LSTBOK9789387456181SBP9TM&pid=9789387456181

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  1. Feeling amazing seeing your interview here. Keep growing to rock the world of literature.

    • Thank you so much for appreciating the author and for her works too. πŸ™‚ Stay connected and share this among your friend circle. <3

  2. Good Luck and tons of best wishes.May u fly high in life and success be with u always. U r an inspiration for budding writers, keep it up.

    • That’s a wonderful blessing in words. Much appreciated. Make sure, you keep visiting this home, for further updates. πŸ™‚ Stay connected!

  3. Wonderful blend of love and emotions, beautifully created plot and story line. Everyone may find own reflections going through the story which is set so graciously.
    I convey my thanks to the author for creating such a beautiful tale.

    • Ahh! That’s a key ingredients you added to the whole taste buds. πŸ˜€ Glad you appeared and kept your words. πŸ™‚ Stay connected!

      • Immortal lovebook is beautiful and loving story. I read this book.its very interesting book..may you success in writing in ur life….most congratulations dear

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