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Secret behind the ‘Locked Episode’. Knowing the author in her own words.

Pratiksha Karn, who is presently a debut author of her novella, ‘The Locked Episode‘, hails from Hazaribagh, Jharkhand. She did her schooling from Carmel school with ICSE board. Currently she is doing English honors and is at the verge to complete it in couple of months. She adds, In future She will like to serve in civil service commissions, and emerges out to be a good writer.

Authors Interaction:

Q. What brought you into this world of literature?

Ans: Literature means study of mankind. From the very beginning I had been a thinker of humankind and nature.

Q. Usually, a debut person starts with few of Anthologies, and you made the debut with a novella. Do you find this a success in the carrier of writing?

Ans: Yes, indeed my write ups are praised among readers and great authors as well.

Q.3 The title of the book is ‘The locked episode’, could you put some light over this? Flash the process of story, as how you build it, and also add, how was the journey in shaping this beauty?

Ans: The Locked Episode is a collection of 30 poems. You can find a different dimensions of human life such as, fate, relationships, satires, patriotism, nature etc. Each poem will give you a diverse ideological expression. I also included few poems which I wrote during my schooling. Overall, it was fun to compile a book.

Q.4 Apart from writing, you’re a guitarist too. Is that a part time friendship or a passion in you?

Ans: Its actually a part of my interest. I always wanted to learn this. Playing guitar is a trance to me. It takes me to my own world. Though I am yet learning it.

Bonus Question: What’s next in your library? How is the race in the journey of writings? Where you’re seeing yourself in the coming years, and what you’re going to focus in the coming duration if time?

Ans: To say about my library. My current read is If tomorrow comes by Sydney Sheldon. I don’t race in any field. My effort is to improve my self in each step of life. I will definitely want to see myself as great author who can convey her thoughts of peace among people in most satisfying words. After my graduation , this year, I shall publish two more books on which I am currently working. Apart from that I shall prepare for civil services exams for career goals.

Q.6 Any message for the readers?

Ans: Yes, readers are themselves soul graspers but different readers has different way to figure out the content. I just want to quote the mostly liked lines of my book.
” Enough of gradient sunshine.
Enough of violent thunder.
The naive heart stay enshrine,
Swaying on the fate to plunder. ”

Just read through heart and soul.

She can be contacted over FBhttps://m.facebook.com/pratiksha.karn.9?tsid=0.8498400754357336&source=result

Her debut book can be ordered here: The Locked Episode  https://amzn.to/2Jj2WHa

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