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What Is Point Of View In Story Writing And How You Choose

Story writing starts with deciding on your point of view Have you started writing a little and wonder if you can become a published author? With the ease of self-publishing, it is now certainly possible for new writers. It doesn’t matter if you plan to write fiction or non-fiction. If you can write …

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Marketing Self-Published Books – 9 Basics You Need To Know

There are hundreds of ways to market self-published books. However, if you don’t get the following nine marketing strategy basics right first, you could be wasting a lot of your time, energy and money. Many, if not most authors who self-publish for the first time make mistakes, which is completely normal because you …

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Love Knows No LOC by Arpit Vageria : review

Arpit Vageria has been known for his flair in writing romantic novels in various themes and his latest,  Love Knows No LOC is no different. This book focuses on the love story of two distinct personalities : Kabeer,  an Indian cricketer and Zoya, a Pakistani popstar. The relationship between these …

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How To Punctuate A Book Title Or Can You Be Creative?

Are there definitive rules on how to punctuate a book title? Yes, there are broadly accepted rules for book and chapter titles. They are very similar to properly punctuating titles in shorter works such as for poems, short stories, songs and musical albums. You can check a variety of references such as …

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The Slow Method Of Proofreading The Right Way

Proofreading tips and techniques for all writers Editing, copy editing, and proofreading is separate processes in the preparation of a text in the publishing industry. The three are used for a newspaper article, online content or a business document. But the processes are more commonly associated with preparing a manuscript for a book. …

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