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Writing A Great Book Description To Hook Readers

How to write a stunning book description When you are facing the task of writing your book description, the most logical thing to do seems just to read the book at then sum it up – prepare its gist and describe your impressions, give your ideas and opinions on various aspects, …

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How To Make People Care About Your Book: 5 Tips

The latest revolution in the book publishing industry is the ebook, and it is right up there with the printing press. Suddenly, you could get any book you want at a lower price and environmentally-friendly format (no paper) any time you want it without leaving the house. Just put in …

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Ten Common Punctuation Mistakes You Need to Avoid Making

Ten Very Common Punctuation Mistakes  Having a good command of the language you are writing is always important. Grammar and spelling mistakes are never accepted, especially if you can easily avoid it. Not much attention is spent on punctuation check, even though the proper use is necessary. You could totally …

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How to Write Dialogue and Make It Sound Great

Writing great dialogue is not as simple as it might seem. There is no great screenplay without good screenwriters. Many screenwriters work for days, weeks and even month to come up with great dialogue. The importance of good dialogue is undeniable. For authors, it’s the same. You need to take …

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