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How To Promote Your Books With Great Content Writing

Promoting your books is not only about advertising

The online world has opened up numerous opportunities for different fields.

The same applies to writers and authors. Whether you are looking for an agency to publish your work, or have taken the self-publishing route.

Content writing has been one of the strategies used in marketing.

If done correctly, it can boost your brand beyond your wildest imagination. However, incorrect use can damage your reputation.

I bet you can remember this familiar phrase, “The internet never forgets.”

So, you have written your book, used the ideal proofreading services online, and are looking to get people to read your work.

How do you achieve this?

Content Marketing Tips for your Books


As you wrote your book from page to page, and chapter to chapter, you had to ensure a flow of ideas and plan for it. It should also apply when using storytelling to promote your book.

What are your goals?

Do you merely want to sell more copies of the book? Different authors use various strategies to promote their book. Many opt to write about the writing process, grammar, or marketing tips.

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential readers. What value will they gain from your posts?  Your chance of making an impact improves, once you understand your goal.

Have a strategy on how you will go about this. Don’t rush things. Take your readers step by step, to the bigger picture just as you did in your book.

During your launch period, focus on creating book-related content.

Have an Advanced Reading Copy List

Reviews have a great way of creating a buzz over a particular book. Readers typically choose a book that has a high rating from the different analyses than one without.

Also, some promotional websites accept books that have met a certain number of reviews.

Once you have an ARC list, you can send out copies of your book to the people on the list, in advance. Say, a month before your release it officially.

They will be your sources of feedback and recommendations.

Get new reviews a day before you launch, by sending reminders to the ARC list.

Maximize on promotion websites as early as you can by getting their minimum number of reviews, and more.

Originality of Content

Quality content is important. Find the ideal online proofreading service, and use it to cement your online authority. Your visitors won’t be convinced to purchase your book if your grammar is wanting.

Gaining popularity will take time, so you have to learn patience.

Honesty is another essential attribute, to master. In writing your book, fictional or not, you have to make the reader believe in it. It also applies to content writing.

Let what you promote, be an accurate reflection of what the reader will find in the book that you are promoting.

Be authentic and make your stories memorable. If you don’t know how to, then, try being yourself.

Share excerpts from the Book

When you go shopping for a car, do you test drive it before buying, or do you purchase it only because, the exterior appeals to you?

If you are going to invest your hard earned money in any item, then, it has to be worth its value. That’s me if not for you.

Allow your readers to have a peek at your story. Don’t give everything up.

It should be enough for them to desire to read the whole content. You can post all of them yourself, or get other blogs to do so.

Let them get a feeling of what the story is about. Shed some light on who the antagonist is.

Finally, give them some tidbits of the action in the story. You know, just how the trailers of a movie make you want to watch it, even though, it may turn out whack.

Spread the Word by reaching out to other bloggers

You don’t have to go it alone. Another grand strategy is to reach out to niche bloggers to spread the word about the book. If your book has areas where you get into details on traveling to a specific town, find a lifestyle blogger.

You could also have a theme of human trafficking. Find a blogger who addresses such issues.

You will be able to get more people than just those who are signup to your blog, to want to get a copy of the book.

You can ask them to review your book, interview you, or even allow you to submit an article.

Types of Content

To establish yourself and your online presence, you will need to engage your audience regularly. Some writers can post articles on a daily basis, and others, every two or three days. You may want to change the monotony of your site by spicing up your content.

Below are some of the content that you can share for consumption by your audience:

Blog Post: Not all types of blogging is content marketing. You can choose a specific niche and post useful articles of the same, as you target a particular audience. The choice of the market should be those interested in your services, products or books.

You can also post on other sites as a guest writer. In this case, aim for one that has a bigger audience and one that is in your niche. Your articles should be geared towards attracting an audience to your books.

Video: create engaging video content for your audience. You can even start a YouTube Channel. You can post interviews, book trailers, a vlog chat show, etc. The options are numerous.

Audio: some people prefer listening to content rather than reading it. Target them with quality audio content. Since Internet speeds are improving, downloading becomes faster.

You can build trust and rapport with your target audience as they listen to you. Talk about your writing experience, your book, etc.

Webinar: give your audience a chance to interact with you live. The connection you build with them may result in opportunities. Let them ask you questions. Share your expertise with them.

Internet markets are using such content to generate leads for their services, too. Make use of it.


Numerous opportunities lie in storytelling as a marketing strategy for your book. Ensure that the quality of your content is undebatable by using a proper resume proofreading.  You do not have to invest vast sums into your marketing strategies.

The sure way to win is by using the proper tools in the best way possible.

Since you have already written a whole book, why should writing an article be a big deal?

Make use of your creativity and talents.

Share it with the world and see those books leaving the shelves at a faster rate.

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