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Fail Again, Fail Better? Does It Mean You Will Fail Worse?

What did Beckett mean by, fail better? It has now become a tired and hackneyed cliché. Fail better has been adopted as a catchcry, warcry and even as a pseudo-business model for tech startups, entrepreneurs, and elite sports stars. The current interpretation of these two oddly collocated words in business, sport and …

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Tips For Creating A Novel That Sells To The Public

Authors work hard on their books. They do their best in marketing and selling their craft. It’s a fierce battle for authors as they need to fight against outside distractions. Marketing and Writing a Book One of the mistakes that some authors make is that they consider marketing as a …

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How To Promote Your Books With Great Content Writing

Promoting your books is not only about advertising The online world has opened up numerous opportunities for different fields. The same applies to writers and authors. Whether you are looking for an agency to publish your work, or have taken the self-publishing route. Content writing has been one of the …

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