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Tips a Writer Can Use To Reject Rejection

Do you have a goal of being published one day? Well if your answer is yes, you may as well say you have a goal of being rejected; because this is going to happen no matter how good you are as a writer. If you are afraid of rejection, then …

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Publishing A Book To Improve Your CV

One practical means to improve your CV and future career prospects is by writing and self-publishing a book. Adding a publication to your list of achievements can boost your CV and enhances your professional profile as well as adding credibility and commitment to your professional background. Linkedin, which has become …

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How to Come Up with Fiction Story Ideas

Where do you get your fiction story ideas? It’s a question which gets asked of authors so often it has become a joke. Part of the joke is that most of the time authors have no idea where the fiction story ideas come from that end up becoming books. Unusually, …

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